Undiscovered Venice Beach Photographs

January 18, 2016



After a long time of delaying it, I finally decided to go through my entire Lightroom account and delete all of the reject photographs which were just taking up space. I am still struggling to do that, which is very hard when you have thousands of them to go through. While I was doing that, I discovered many of the photos I took in Venice Beach in the summer of 2014, and realized a lot of them were actually very good. I don't understand why at the time I didn't even bother to edit them, since they're very usable, but I decided to give it a try and to fix them. These are the results! On all of these photos I used some of the more odd Lightroom presets, which I never use. And also since the lighting in these photos were absolutely horrendous. I also felt like with all of the action going on and the fact that it's well, Venice Beach, that they were deserving of funky presets. Enjoy! And don't forget to subscribe!

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