Tokyo, Japan Part III

April 18, 2016

I took these photos after a long day spent in Kamakura. After taking a train back to Tokyo we decided to go out for dinner. We went out to visit a dear friend in Shinbashi for dinner, and then afterwards headed out to Ginza, which is where our hotel was also conveniently located. From Ginza we went to Yurakucho for Izakaya. We visited two restaurants overall. It was a long and tiering night after the long day we had had, but I am very glad I stayed out because I  managed to get some pretty fun photos out of the night. Tokyo at night is so fascinating! Its' night life is pretty extreme in comparison to ours. I absolutely love how there is always life, light and color in the city,  no matter how late it is. I also think it's interesting how people are always out and about at almost every hour of the day. It seems like Tokyo never sleeps!

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