Kamakura, Japan

August 7, 2016

Updated on Sunday, August 5, 2016:


On our fourth day in Japan we took a day off from Tokyo and spent the day in Kamakura, a seaside city just south of where we stayed and were based in Tokyo. It was a nice quick break from the city and I really enjoyed the temples and shrines that we visited. We also enjoyed walking around the Kamakura Komachi Dori shopping area, and my sister and I discovered melon pan, a very delicious type of sweet bread. This was also even more special because it was filled with green tea ice cream. It is certainly now one of my new favorite desserts which I can sadly never get in the United States probably… ●︿● In Kita-Kamakura, a small neighborhood of Kamakura, we visited Engaku Temple and Meigetsuin Temple, (they had bunnies there!) ヽ( ´ ∇`)ノ In Northeast Kamakura we visited Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, which is known as Kamakura's most important shrine. I saw ducks there, which is always exciting, as well as very many pretty girls cruising around the shrine in their beautiful kimonos, which is why I have so many photos of different girls in kimonos on this post. One couple of girls were so nice as to let me take their photo. As a side note, everyone I met and associated with in Japan were super nice to us, and I had an amazing experience with people and made many great and memorable friends. Thank you for viewing this post, and don’t forget to subscribe if interested!

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