December Twenty Fifteen

December 29, 2015


This month was a very very busy month for me. Not only was it the holiday season with Christmas around the corner, but I also had finals! That was stressful and I'm SO glad first semester is finally over. I didn't take very many photographs this month, and since each event didn't add up to a very decent amount of photographs, I decided to put together the final cut of all of December's photographs into one blog post. I took a lot, but of course not many were any good. The first photographs are from Yamashiro Hollywood in Los Angeles. The next two are taken on La Brea Avenue on the same night as Yamashiro. The next one I took earlier this month at the Cambria Christmas Market. This was my family's first year visiting the annual market, and it will most definitely be a continued tradition for years to come! The lights displayed were beautiful, and the additional eggnog I drank wasn't half bad, either. The last five are business photos I took at our company Christmas party. Over all, I would say I am glad this month is near over, because I am very excited for the new year! I am excited for 2016 and the great year ahead. Thank you, and don't forget to subscribe if you are interested!

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