Monterey Bay Aquarium

July 18, 2015

This post is about a week late, and I only just got to editing these photographs as of tonight, but I am pretty pleased with how many of them turned out in the end, despite all of the editing. As it seems, taking photographs in an aquarium is so frustrating and very difficult. It is very hard to focus your camera in that lighting, especially if a fish is swimming around it makes it incredibly difficult. It makes me so impatient I want to tell that fish to stay still! But there are some perks, despite the difficulties. I enjoy seeing the little critters of the ocean and it’s very exciting to get up close to many of them, and if you're lucky, manage to get away with a decent photograph. Which is so so hard! Especially if it’s a super cool fish that’s super badass looking, then you can go all out with the black and white high contrast effects! It makes it so much more severe and tough, like on that photograph of that grumpy fish. For many of these photos I had to use manual focus because my camera was being difficult in the lighting and the movement of the animals made it very hard. It was a good learning experience, for I only normally use manual focus on very small flowers. It is a good skill to have, so I’m glad I’m learning more of the mechanical side of my camera. I kind of cheat by using automatic on most everything… Anyways, I hope you enjoy my photos!



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