Journey and The Steve Miller Band

July 23, 2014

Talk about an amazing show! It was UNBELIEVABLE! I honestly didn't expect too much of a concert at the Mid State Fair, but who could say no to Journey? Or Steve Miller? I mean, let's be serious now. Both Journey and The Steve Miller Band put on some pretty great performances, I'd give them both a gold star! Hahah... Anyways, Steve Miller was great, as always, seeing as I have myself, already seen him live before, so I wasn't as starstruck. Journey on the other hand, outstanding! With my family and I all being total die-hard fans, we of course, had a blast singing along and dancing! I mean, we got our fair share of dirty looks from older folks, but you know what? We just ignored them, because what's the fun in going to a concert if you can't sing along and dance and have a great time? Well, besides listening to some pretty rad music, I'd say nothing! We got, pretty much almost front row seats, let's just say we were pretty close to the stage. I got some pretty sick shots though! 



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