Chinatown, Los Angeles

July 12, 2014

Chinatown at 10:00 at night was a mad-house! There must have been some sort of festival or social gathering 'cuz man, it was packed! I love Los Angeles at night, especially Chinatown or anywhere that lights up at night, anywhere loud, and festive with a bunch of stuff happening at the same time all over the place! There's just something about photography at night that just really apeals to me, I honestly don't know why, I just love nightime photography. For instance, I love taking shots of street signs, either day or night. I just love catching pics of any city life I can get, seeing that I live in a small town and don't often get to take city street photos. I especially enjoy Asian signs, or any signs in foreign languages, there's just a certain charm about them that you can't find in any English western languages, its just more creative, more fun to me. Anyways, I hope you enjoy my shots, I, of course, took way too many pics. As I've been scrolling through my photos, I've been noticing how I managed to take at least 3 versions of the same photographs, and they all look the same, so it's hard to decide which ones too keep, and which ones to toss. One thing I hate about being so short and stubby is that people run over me while I'm taking pics in the crowds, and that also, my photographs are affected because of the fact that I'm so short. #shortgirlproblems  Oh, well!

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