Día De Los Muertos

November 1, 2014

I'll admit- taking photos of people is not my strong suit, but what not a better opportunity to practice than at a big event with tons of people? Today at my family's winery, we celebrated Dia De Los Muertos! We had a live mariachi, who just sounded so great! It was entertaining watch them unloud all their equipment beforhand. We also had Bonnie's tacos, a churro stand, and of course wine! So many festivities, so little time! My mom, being as busy as she was with planning the event, even managed to give my sister and I amazing sugar skull makeup, which was so rad - Thank You, Mom! I was a flapper for halloween the day before, so we decided a Day of the Dead flapper would be perfect! My entire get-up was kinda frightening. That paired with a big camera looked sorta intimidating!  Everyone who attended made a joke out of me being the "event photographer"  which I guess fitted. Anyways, my photos were also featured on the website and facebook! I can thank my dad and grandpa for that! 


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