The Americana at Brand

October 4, 2014


A few weeks ago my family and I took a trip down to Los Angeles for a weekend trip to get away from well, life... school and work! Anyways, we visited Los Angeles to not only eat a ton and visit all of our favorite pig-out spots, but to meet my sister and I's all time favorite (recent) idol Gerard Way! Sadly, not even cell phone photographs were permitted, but Gerard signed a poster of mine which I will forever cherish! Oh my gosh my sister and I were FREAKING! Anways, later that day after waiting in line for hours for the Gerard Way signing we returned back to the Americana at Brand, where my grandparents have a apartment, which is where we stay while we visit the city. Later that night I dragged my dad out so I could get some photos, since the Americana is so beautiful at night all lite-up and festive. It resulted in only a few photos after I had managed to go into a bunch of stores and buy absolutely nothing and gawk at all the Kate Spade purses I couldn't get! By the way I got some fabulous Marc Jacobs sunglasses out of that experience AND some nice nightime photos! Enjoy! Oh, and thank you Dad for all that you do supporting my photography! You've helped me so much in motivating me in my photography hobby, you Dad are a better photographer than I could ever be and I'm so happy to get to learn from the best!















































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