I am a street photographer who incorporates colorful and monochromatic palettes into my photographs to create a cinematic depiction of everyday life. I love capturing people, architecture, and city life. I aim to reflect real life, but also turn it into a piece of art.

I have been involved in photography and graphic design since 2014, and continue to learn and grow in my style, technique, and approach. I not only shoot and edit my own photographs, but design and maintain this website. This is a one-woman operation!

I include popular culture references in my photograph names, which usually draw from music or movies. In my editing, I take inspiration from Wes Anderson’s eccentric, retro-inspired color palettes and aesthetics, and Sophia Coppola’s delicate, faded, feminine tones. I also take inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s street photography, and the wide angle cinematography in his films. My dad was also a large inspiration in developing my street photography style.

I am 19 years old and a Freshman at Pasadena City College. I live in Pasadena, California with my family and pets. After I finish my general education at Pasadena City College I plan to study graphic design at Art Center College of Design or the University of Southern California. I will be focusing on packaging design in either the music, beauty, fashion, or film industries. My main goal is to design album covers or beauty product packaging. 

My main hobbies include photography, graphic design, and vinyl collecting. I enjoy watching movies, listening to music, attending concerts, reading, and learning new things. I have an intense admiration for all things beautiful and feminine, and am also immensely passionate about fashion, poetry, and art. I have a fervent curiosity of life, and always want to heavily invest and lose myself in a topic. It is very overwhelming at times because there is far too much to learn and never enough time. I love going on car rides or walks in Los Angeles and exploring the city, soaking it all in. This is reflective in my photography, as well.

Much like a bowl of Canter’s mish mosh soup, my work is very diverse. It is modern, but also very retro, akin to me as a person. It is also reminiscent of Los Angeles, a city that is so eclectic and diverse. My photography is a mish mosh of different inspirations, styles, people, and subjects. Much like Los Angeles and Canter’s beloved soup, it is full of love, dedication, and hard work. My work is a love letter to life and Los Angeles. I am an L.A. Woman with a Lust for Life! I hope you enjoy my photography as much as I love creating it.

An L.A. Woman with a Lust for Life

About Me

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